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“Danny, Liam, Stevie, Liam, Stevie, Liam, Danny, Stevie, Liam. Ever get the feeling you’re going round in one big circle? Ten years. Back and forth between a trio of arseholes and nothing to show for it except a baby, an Argos ring and a busted nose. At the refuge they call that a pattern.”

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Moving, truthful and darkly comic, BOX CLEVER by nabokov’s associate playwright Monsay Whitney, with music performed by Avi Simmons, is a new play about one woman’s experience of a women’s refuge. Explored through Marnie’s relationship with love songs and her emotional unpredictability BOX CLEVER explore the lengths gone to to escape negative relationship patterns, and her commitment to do the best for herself and her daughter.

“I know what you’re thinking, single mother, abusive exes, hiding out in a refuge, she’s definitely pregnant, how predictable. But I ain’t pregnant. It’s the house it’s making me sick.”



Written and performed by Monsay Whitney
Musical arrangement and performance by Avi Simmons
Directed by Stef O’Driscoll
Lighting Design by Joe Price
Sound Design by Dominic Kennedy
Set Design by Lucy McGeown
Assistant Director - Melanie Phillips

“Monsay Whitney is a writer of ferocious honesty, rare imagination and extraordinary humanity. She has the potential to become a startling and significant figure in British theatre”

Simon Stephens