Slug, Reformation National and our Festival Top Tips!

When we (Stef and Liz) took over as Artistic Director and Producer of nabokov in January we wanted to start making work right away to put our artistic aims into action. With a dream team list of artists that we’d wanted to work with, we set about making SLUG, an explosive collaboration of some of the most exciting artists around. NAB 4.1

Slug debuts at Latitude Festival 2016 on Friday 15th July at 11.15pm in the Little House

SLUG is GIG THEATRE written by the incredible Sabrina Mahfouz, SLUG has original music composed and performed by Bellatrix, Video design by our associate artist Tea Films, is performed by Grace Savage and Jade Anouka, and on percussion, the brilliant Caragh Campbell. The process has been unique and exciting - with all artists in the room to collaborate, generate ideas, music and text from the start. HYPED!

SLUG is debuting at Latitude Festival when nabokov will take over the Little House on Friday 15th for a whole evening through to early morning of music, theatre and of course, raving!

As we gear up to Latitude we discovered that our assistant director Julia and Production Manager Saatvika have never camped at a festival before so we asked the rest of the team what are their top festival tips.

Bellatrix, SLUGS musical composer and director says long socks, rain mac, hot weather outfit, freezing weather outfit and earplugs. However, her biggest tip ever for those women unfortunate enough to be on their period at a festival is a Mooncup. There is no need to change a tampon every time you go to the toilet and you can keep it in up to 8 hours.  It is cheaper and more environmentally friendly and you can receive oral sex and the giver would be none the wiser! Boom!

Jade Anouka (SLUG performer) swears by a portable charger and a Shewee, so the ladies don't have to cue for the toilets and can enjoy the novelty of pissing standing up. Oh and a bumbag big enough to fit your portable charger and Shewee in. First time Shewee user please note that the more drunk you are the more likely you are to piss on yourself when testing out this device. Sabrina Mahfouz (SLUG Playwright)  would love to know a rich friend with a nearby cottage! In lieu of that alcohol and wellies are her essentials.  

TEAfilms (Video Design) suggest a tent, eye mask, flag to mark your territory and so your mates can find you, toilet roll, an oldskool nokia whose battery lasts an eternity so you don’t have to worry about charging your phone and a bag of wine that can double up as a pillow.

Liz has got all excited with her head torch purchase. Think about it, WHATEVER DIRECTION YOU LOOK IN, THERE IS LIGHT! headtorch

Monsay Whitney, one of our REFORMATION NATION playwrights,  swears by a blow up mattress and a duvet. She discovered this luxury last year and will not go back to a floor mat and sleeping bag.

To shower or not to shower? That is the question. If the festival season is your chance to not wash and go primal baby wipes are a great substitute for a shower or bring a towel, some flip flops and get in that cue to wash.

Glitter! ALL THE GLITTER. GLITTER MAKES YOU FITTER! Especially if you decided to opt out of the festival shower experience,  and if you’re prone to insect bites bring some Jungle Formula.  Latitude is by a lake and I have been eaten alive in the past by horse flies.

I love waterproof trousers! Whilst other people care about their outfits getting muddy, are worried about falling over  or that they can’t sit down, waterproof trousers mean you can dive straight into the festival spirit, quite literally, and the rain will not stop you from having a good time.

Stamina crew. It is important you have enough energy to come and rave with us on Friday night from 12.45am - 3am. REFORMATION NATION in the Little House! 13631407_10153731590362596_4247178441698336429_n

So stock up on snacks to keep you going throughout the festival. The ancient knowledge of what snacks to bring to Latitude was passed down to me through Paines Plough who swear by babybells and pepperamis and I’m going to add cereal bars, nuts and bananas to that list too.

Rehydration sachets - Down one with a bottle of water before you go to bed and you will wake smug having conquered the hangover.

And finally bring that wig and fancy dress outfit you dare not to wear to work and then make a pact with yourself to wear it to work when you go back to real life. Everyday should be a festival.