INCOGNITO wows Newcastle, now Halesworth

Last week we were thrilled to see our world premiere of INCOGNITO by Nick Payne (co-produced with Live Theatre Newcastle and HighTide Festival Theatre) have its first previews in Newcastle. Audiences were bowled over by this subtle, complex and thought-provoking exploration of neuroscience and human nature. Just a selection of audience comments: “Very smart, very slick piece of new writing, excellent fusion of several narratives with outstanding performances from highly skilled actors.”

“An intriguing and intellectually satisfying play, beautifully acted... “

“Mind blowing concept

“Powerful performance dealing with a multitude of issues from mental health, to loss and ambition. Strong cast delivered the piece with conviction and power. “

“Brilliant! Amazing versatility in the performances. “

“Interesting and thought provoking play, sensationally presented.”

“I feel like I've been through 10 rounds with a heavy weight - In the best possible way! It touched me in so many ways. A profound and moving work on our humanity and the wonder of existence.”

Now we've decamped to the HighTide festival in Halesworth, where we open tonight (10th April) and run to 19th April. After that, it's back up to Newcastle for a longer run at Live, followed by a week at the North Wall in Oxford 6-10 May and then 6 weeks at the Bush in London from 14th May. Wherever you can catch the show, we look forward to seeing you there.

For more insights - take a look at rehearsal photos here; the tantalising teaser trailer here; a video interview with director Joe Murphy here; and a blog post from writer Nick Payne here.