Introducing the Arts Club performers... Omar and Lee


Also tickling your funny bones this Fri and Sat will be dynamic new comedy duo, Omar and Lee.

"A compelling duo"

"Funny, fresh and wanted more!"

Omar and Lee are an emerging comedy duo gearing towards an exciting 2014. They trained together, they've lived together, they even had a cat together (which now lives with Omar's girlfriend's Mum) and now they make people laugh together. Come and experience Omar and Lee's skewed view of the world around them as they try and make sense of it all.

Omar and Lee are actor/comedians who trained at the Guildford School of Acting. Together they have written and performed several short plays and sketches at venues such as Hackney Attic, Cockpit Theatre, Lost Theatre, the Etcetera in Camden and Marylebone Gardens.

Catch a glimpse of this fresh comedy partnership before they sky rocket to stardom!