Introducing the Arts Club performers... Lolly Jones


Introducing the first of many spectacular performances to grace the stage of the nabokov Arts Club at VAULT - a fantastic new play by Lolly Jones: ‘This isn’t a thing, right?’ Maddy: 'Pearson’s not a Metrosexual.  He is quite accidentally, unequivocally and unapologetically, a man'.

Pearson:  'Tell me you love my cock'.

Maddy: 'It’s cold.  I’m stood by Chicken Cottage.  Let me the fuck in'.

Written and co-performed by Lolly Jones, ‘This isn’t a thing, right?’ tells the story of two fuckbuddies, treading water in a vacuous, crumbling London, and their meeting one night, two floors above a late eatery on the (not-quite-Shoreditch) Old Street roundabout.

Lolly is a writer and comedienne with the Ministry of Merkin.  Most recently, she has appeared on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe after making viral comedy Charlie Brooker Ruined my Life.  Her written work has appeared in TimeOut magazine, at London Independent Film Festival and on the Lolly Does London blog.  As an actress, she has appeared in a variety of TV adverts for questionably ethical products, understated European theatre tours and (enhanced by her 'face for radio' credentials) in Saturday Night, Sunday Morning for BBC Radio 4.