nabokov presents WikiTheatre at nabokov Re-Loaded

Get ready for a brand new piece of theatre, started by celebrated writer James Graham (This House) - and finished by you! ‘Wiki’ – a web application which allows people to write content in a collaboration with others.

‘Theatre’ – dramatic performances as a branch of art.

WikiTheatre is your chance to work with one of the UK's most exciting writers in a brave new theatrical experiment to be performed LIVE at our relaunch party - NABOKOV RE-LOADED on Sunday 10th November at Soho Theatre.

Here's how it works:

1. James Graham will write the OPENING to a brand new 15 minute piece of work. It might be a scene, a monologue or some lyrics. Whatever it is, it's just a beginning.

2. Then anyone can pick up the torch. By emailing content to, YOU can offer the next piece of the puzzle. It can be anything. A follow on scene, a piece of dance, music, poetry, cabaret, verbatim script; absolutely anything as long as it is no more than 5 minutes long and is a response to and evolution of the previous part.

3. From all the submitted suggestions, we'll select and publish PART 2 on Friday November 1st, and then we'll throw it open again for submissions to offer the FINAL PART of the jigsaw. Again, we'll be looking for innovative, intelligent and creative ideas that respond and develop the previous sections. Each part must only be 5 minutes long. We'll publish the finished pieces, in whatever forms they have been submitted, on Thursday 7th November. If we use your work we'll use it unedited and in its entirety, with your name attached or not as you wish.

4. And then the world's first ever WikiScript is complete! On SUNDAY NOVEMBER 10th at NABOKOV RE-LOADED we'll premiere the full 15 minute piece LIVE to our audience at Soho Theatre.

So, get ready for a piece of collaborative theatre full of all the radical energy and glorious democracy of the internet generation...

Book your tickets to NABOKOV RE-LOADED, on Sunday 10th November at 4pm, using the link below: