Remy B on day 4 of development

Hiya, Remy here. So, first sesh daahhn sarff today as we all headed to Pimlico for session 4 of this crazy ole' rap/folk/hip-hop project. It's cold, and Joe's late as per so most of us head in to the rehearsal room and begin the day with a bit of stretching and generally getting those joints up and running.Rowan aka Dizraeli spent the first chunk of the morning getting pen to paper in St Gabriel's cosy cottage kitchen, as the rest of us motley crew were split into groups to do some more devising. Rachel, Harry, Josie, and Ben got stuck into a new song, which from the other side of the room sounded like a rousing folky sea shanty, super lush. That left Paul, Joe and I to get stuck into some scribing filling in some hole's that were yet to be imagined in our Selkie story. Obviously this led to a bit of a show and tell before lunch, and once again there were some really lovely, magic moments firing off in the room. Some spine tingling harmonies and cello lines, and some rousing bits of writing took us up to lunch, where Joe (ye, he finally swagged in) took us to a lovely little Italian deli. Olives and Cannelloni galore. Pigs'r'Us. After din-dins, a bit of a a hip-hop warm up session with Rowan, and shock horror, I think we're getting better, even Ben. Compared to Monday we're all looking like true rap veterans watch out Jay Z babes. Back to the grind and more devising. This time smaller groups with different bits of our Selkie text to work on. Harry and I had collaborated earlier in the day on a monologue which he beautifully underscored with some bad-ass cello, and we were then paired off again to explore this relationship a little further. We found that pairing the verse and the cello together really seemed to bring the text to life and (hopefully) we were able to create an emotionally fueled, character led exploration of the scene. The other guys offered some awesome realisations of other scene sections. With Josie and Ben getting a good bit of bin-drum action involved and Rachel and Rowan getting experimental with a coat and keeping up the fun vibes with some high-energy verse spitting. A really, super productive day, which ended with a great big chat about what we're trying to achieve with the picece. This brought up questions about form and structure of story and how do we make this into a successful piece of theatre with character and emotional journey. The day finished with us trying to put the bones together of one of the scenes that we'll be showing off tomorrow for our eager audience. Still lots to do, but some golden moments still happening at 5.30 pm, not bad for a full day of devising. Public apology goes out to Rachel after I completely annihilated her notebook with a cup of tea. SORRY LOVE! Anyways, thats enough for you to get your teeth into. Loadsa laughs and faffs we're having. Onwards to day 5, SHOW DAY!! Peace.