Our final blog from last week, courtesy of Harry Napier

It's Friday, that'll be showday then,..AAAAARRRGH!Looking back over the weeks blog it's amazing to think where we started from and all the stuff we've covered by talking, devising, jamming, rapping, riffing,etc(but mainly it's amazing that we found hot Vietnamese food outdoors in the middle of winter. Lifesaver!).

I know that we've still got a lot to get through before we perform and as we are led by Rowan through beat boxing in 7's and 8's, juggling instruments, song and text, I'm confident of staying with the flow second by second. It's remembering what we did one minute ago that proves to be a problem.

The scenes we are working on start to take shape. The top of the show is a great burst of energy, a booze cruise set to Rowan's rap moving seamlessly to some cheesy folk(I thought it was beautiful actually, what am I like?) which is cut back to reality by some punchy verse. Awesome.

There's a few touches of genius on the way, Ben turning an upturned bin in to a Bodhran by the subtle use of some aboriginal clapping sticks, a fire-extinguisher becomes a tolling bouy, Josie and Remy act drunk getting down and dirty on the dance floor and Rachel's beautiful singing, oh yeah, and the rapper wasn't bad too.

Our audience was small but perfectly formed as some folk couldn't make it, so Jellis and Murphy elected to film our highly polished performance for immediate cinema release, thanks lads! It's like a recipe for instant memory loss, but we get through it pretty well in the end.

What a week. Over-stimulated I'm thinking, mmm, maybe it would be ok to work with this crazy bunch of creatives again, mainly because Paul and Joe got the drinks in. Nice one.

At least at the end of it all I can claim a new proficiency: rapping in futuristic Bristolian, mental.