Josie Dunn explains where we're going on day 3

12/12/12 and the world hasn't ended! We're still here. Just a few cancelled trains this morning. With the freezing temperatures outside, we started today with a much needed warm up. Remy's 'plank' marathon should've soon warmed us up, but we discovered we were blasting our rehearsal room with air conditioning in our efforts to make it warmer. After we regained feeling in our hands and realised it was a good job that we were creatives and not heating engineers, we continued with physical and vocal rhythms (and even some basic beatboxing) lead by Rowan. I think - dare I say it - we're getting slightly better...
We all shared our inspiration from the ideas of a modern Selkie story that excited us yesterday. All contributions fueled our development of what we wanted to create. Rowan shared his Selkie creation, which brilliantly fused song and narrative, giving a great basis for us to work on different sections in two groups. Both showings saw a certain style emerging - it seems to be one of exciting, fast-paced storytelling crammed with musical, lyrical and physical possibilities. 
Our folklore goddess, Sophia, joined us for the final part of the day when we developed one of the songs. Everyone seems to be very instinctive with what's going to work and very musically talented, so we reach something that we refine quite quickly.
Two days to go. I'm super excited.