Introducing The Matey Institute

In the first of our blogs introducing our nabokov Arts Club: Edinburgh Fringe line up - we give you THE MATEY INSTITUTE who will be presenting their hilarious, anarchic and downright stupid improvised theatre show THE ONE HOUR PLAYS:

“MUST SEE SHOW... Original and outstanding” 
 **** The New Current
“Brilliant silliness”  
Whats On Stage
“Truly unique and very entertaining”  
**** Three Weeks
“A fun, creative, impressive feat of improvised theatre”
Fringe Review (Recommended Show)  

They laughed at my moustache. They told me I’d never amount to anything. But look at me now, ‘MUM’! Are you a member of The Matey Institute – the UK’s premier gypsy punk comedy theatre company? Can you conceive, devise, costume, script, musically score, rehearse & perform a bespoke World Premiere all within an hour? Are YOU performing at the highly acclaimed nincompoop Arts Club?! I think not. 

It’s been a good year for our show ‘The One Hour Plays’. Landing a residency at London’s Leicester Square Theatre allowed us to play to literally tens of people and share a billing with the likes of Stewart Lee, Bill Bailey, Richard Herring & Dylan Moran – them on the ‘main stage’… us in the basement… but still! Real camaraderie. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before we had offers to perform at those big old summer music festivals. Secret Garden Party, Larmer Tree, Lounge on the Farm, End of the Road; yes it was quite muddy & yes I was threatened with legal action if I tried to approach Laura Marling again, but IT WAS WORTH IT.

Anyway, despite our successes (contenders for the Guinness World Record for Fastest Theatrical Production, no less!), I have agreed to share my masterpiece with the good people of the nincompoop theatre company. Apparently they’re doing something quite brilliant called ‘Blink’ at the Traverse Theatre – a blinking competition or something equally marvellous, I’m sure. And so, before I bid you adieu & a fond farewell (until the Arts Club at 9pm, 11th August at Summerhall), I feel it’s about time we cleared something up…

You may have heard of the Old Vic’s 24hour Plays – plays written & performed within 24 hours? Well, we’re nothing to bloody do with them. They can keep their sloth-like, lethargic old tortoise of a show taking place over an easy-going, laid back, full-on one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes. We only need SIXTY thankyou very much! Ah… My solicitor’s giving me one of his looks again… Well, you get the point.

Brendan Murphy (Director & Fearless Leader of: The One Hour Plays)

The One Hour Plays! 2.20pm, August 2nd-26th (Not 14th) at
Underbelly, Belly Laugh.

Talk to us: Bec - 07531044226 // Brendan - 07731514052