Writer Alison Carr, teamed with nabokov's own Kirsty Patrick Ward, has found some enthusiasm for the project. Eventually...


Let’s get one thing straight from the off, I hated the topic we have ended up with for Present: Tense … “the disproportionate affects the government cuts are having on womennnn” … sorry, I lapsed into a coma just typing that sentence.


I was not happy when it was revealed (I *might* have thrown a tiny strop, *possibly* chucking my toys out my pram). I was still not happy when I woke up the next morning – primarily because upon waking up I realised it had not all been a nightmare and I had two measly days to write a play inspired by said hated topic.


Director Kirsty assured me it did not have to be a literal dramatisation but to use the newspaper article simply as a jumping off point. And once I got my panicked, fevered brain around this then things started to look up.


So, faced with the 40 line article and the CVs of the two actors I had been ‘assigned,’ I sat down and wrote a play. That made it all sound quite painless, didn’t it. To be honest, most of Saturday was spent trying to drown myself in cups of tea so Sunday saw the bulk of the work getting done – partly because there was no more time for fannying around, but also I had more confidence in the idea I had plumped for. It’s called “Until It’s Gone” and includes the eating of a banana live on stage (maybe they should put that in the publicity material?).

Kirsty both

Actors Bill and Tunji have really embraced the project and the play and, although Saturday hurtles towards us with frightening speed, we’re skilfully led by Kirsty.


(When all is said and done though, the play I *could* have written inspired by the article about the chicken nugget in the shape of Jesus might have been something REALLY special …!)