The Arch of Starch share their unique performance style

Get your taste buds tickled with two twisted teasers from The Arch of Starch:


Keep an eyeball peeled for a dominating dollop of curiosity from The Arch of Starch at the Nabokov Arts Club this Friday and Saturday!

The Arch of Starch is a multi- disciplinary performance company co-founded by Hollie Miller and Rebecca Walker. Hollie and Rebecca studied performance and choreography at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. The Arch of Starch responds to their contemporary dance background as they work towards an alternative model of movement integrated performance. By exposing movement to costume invention and text, new possibilities originating from movement emerge. The Arch of Starch creates visually rich, utterly hilarious, imaginative performance that is appealing to both adults and children alike.

Our work is a response to the social issues going on around us. We embody different physical characters through highly expressive movement and rhythmic text. We design and build costume inventions, to find innovative ways of moving, whilst being fundamentally joined together. This is a crucial aspect of our investigation into social themes, with the aim to find alternative ways of bringing people together. The Arch of Starch constructs a surreal world, in which vivacious characters use the absurd to comment on our social desires.