nabokov's Kirsty Patrick Ward gears up to the big, most Present night at the Live...

So the day has finally arrived, and what a week we’ve had! All four companies have been working away to produce a brand spanking new piece of theatre in response to the chosen article from the Chronicle.


In that week, plays have been written, lines have been learnt, props, furniture and costume have been sourced and now its time to tech and then let our new work loose on Newcastle.

Yesterday afternoon the four companies gathered for a little run through, giving everyone the chance to see just what we’ve all been up to this week! My company kicked us off with a bench, a banana and a future without women. I’ve had a fantastic time working on Alison’s rich and beautiful play, (even if article wasn't quite what she had hoped for, it certainly has inspired a great play). 

The run-through proved to be incredibly useful for Bill and Tunji, it gave them some much needed fresh ears and few laughs too. Both Bill and Tunji have brought so much to the piece, and have been incredible to work with – thank you Live for bringing us together! After some tea and notes (tea is an integral part of my directing process), we joined the rest of the nabokov company for a pint and a chat at the ‘Eye on the Thyne’.



Having been a part of previous Present: Tenses, the excitement for me always lies in seeing how the writers have chosen to use the article, and what debates are sparked off by the plays. If last night's discussions in the pub are anything to go by, then this Present: Tense should be no exception in proving to be an exciting, thought provoking and dare I say it provocative night of new writing. 

So if you’re within a 100-mile radius, whats your excuse? Come join us at the Live and spread the word loud and wide across Newcastle, nabokov are here and we’ve got some cracking new writing to share with you!