Tice Oakfield of Flying Dutchman Theatre shares his thoughts on pop-up book storytelling

I'm surrounded by cardboard. My bedroom has turned into a studio for the pop up theatre show. I need to finish a new page. Most likely I will be sleep deprived performing under the influence of caffeine. It's all so little and flat. I just cut through the cardboard, through my new jeans into my leg. And now I sit behind the computer writing my blog with a plaster on my inner thigh and drops of blood on the new page. My blood is in the performance. I'm Flying Dutchman, welcome to my world.



I remember telling my father about the book over a year ago and receiving a lecture about my life and my work. He lives in the Netherlands and works at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. I live in England and perform at festivals. Our lives seem so far apart and in some ways they are. But our blood connects us. I'll let you into a secret: my father never finished his studies! And next to working at the Ministry, he's an architect. He designed houses in the town I grew up in. He leaves his mark. Making the impossible possible is something I inherited from this amazing man. I believe in my fantastical journey. I design and I build. There's no limitation to my imagination.

And therefore I am cutting and folding cardboard in between children's shows and webdesign. Confronting my protagonist with yet another challenge. And I'm supposed to cut the story with another 5 minutes. I do hope the majority of the audience is tipsy. That's basically my target audience. Thanks for reading hope you come to see Flying Dutchman at the BAC!