Introducing Fitzgerald...

Fitzgerald are Nichol Keene / Toby de Angeli  / William Edelsten, a group of friends who get together quite a lot to explore storytelling through spoken word/ theatre/ music/ visual arts.

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Most of our time has been spent writing in bedrooms and arts centres eating supermarket snacks including grapes, tiger bread and cheese with the hope that one day we can start shopping at Waitrose, while also discussing our love for lactose intolerant hedge hogs ( and wondering how we can reference them in our show. Will has been debating whether to use a mandolin through an effects pedal or simply a broken banjo. Basically it’s going to be good fun and all I would say is have a listen to the first song you ever heard.

P.S. all biscuits are welcome including Kit Kats

‘Actually sick a personality that I want to listen to’ – Polarbear

‘Made me feel like a proud Dad it blew me away’ – Scroobius Pip

‘Nichol’s work is sophisticated, steeped in meaning and rhythmic. The imagery she provides in her poems is unrivalled; she will take you on a journey that you soon begin to adopt as your own. Toby as an individual is probably one of the most fascinating poets you will see in this day and age. He compels every eye and every ear to pay attention. Awe-inspiring.’  -  Writers Lounge