BUNNY hits New York

Monday, 9:30am and team nabokov set off, bound for the land of the brave and the home of the free!

The well-oiled, SAS like machine that is nabokov on tour hits a slight snag at approximately 10am when the producer’s visa hasn’t been processed - but no matter!  Something as insignificant as ‘the law’ isn’t going to get in the way of BUNNY by the fantastic Jack Thorne heading State Side!  At the last minute the new visa is processed and we’re set, and we’re go, and that’s good enough for us…




The flight was a fun seven hours packed with banter, films and free aeroplane food that frankly is so processed that actually selling it would violate several international health regulations.  Oh and some free drink.  And a bit more.  And, oh go on then, just a bit more.  A little too much free drink in fact for some Mark…

After a smooth landing and a taxi into the city we are there and ready to let Katie loose on the city that never sleeps!


The first week has gone brilliantly with packed out audiences and the first rave review is already out! 

    “Rosie Wyatt makes a smashing professional and New York debut in Jack Thorne's edgy, frank drama” 

Read the full review here

In between shows various disgustingly touristy duties have been fulfilled with gusto and the team have been out on the town discovering just why they call it the city that never sleeps!  Also we headed down to the awesome Ars Nova (one of the coolest and bravest venues in New York, dedicated to developing young talent) and spent a cracking night watching some young guns tell the story of American nuclear power through song, dance and theatre.  Lovely stuff.

All in all an incredible week and team nabokov have now headed back to the UK, leaving the truly superb Rosie Wyatt to perform BUNNY for another two weeks!  We are, of course, intensely jealous of her. 

BUNNY is playing in New York with the Brits Off Broadway at the 59E59 Theatres until November 20th, so if you happen to be in the Big Apple head along and check out the show!