Vox Pop is under way!

Below is the first contribution from our artists to our blog about the week of madness that is Vox Pop. But first, facing stiff competition, the story that won is....

B - The Trader who Lifted the lid on what the City Really Thinks!



Here, Jack Lowe explains the process of starting the process...

It’s exactly 168 hours, 10,080 minutes and 604,800 seconds until we begin the first ever audience led show from Nabokov – VOXPOP. The votes are in but Paul isn’t letting us know whether it’s A,B,C,D until the exact moment when the clock hits 19:45. What a purist. And we’ve gathered in a small corner of the Soho bar – and there’s a really exciting group of writers, directors, musicians and projection artists sat in a circle. I’m sat in shorts (short ones) and we discuss how the week is going to work.

Paul: So Jack & Even Who’s your cross art form collaborator?

Jack: Er…we’re kind of waiting to see what the story is…I think we’ve a cluster of people who’re up for it.

Evan: Yep we’re going to wait and see.

Paul: Ah. Ok let me know as soon as possible!

The pressure is well and truly on, punctuated by the fact it’s well and truly the last day summer. We head downstairs to see the new space Soho Downstairs. It’s a crazy space, full of possibilities. And we’re looking forward to exploring it all.
After announcing option B has gathered the most interest, Evan and I head upstairs and start riffing on ideas with pencils in exactly the same style of notepad from ryman’s (a good omen). We’re drafting over the next few days and starting to piece together ideas. We think it’s going to explore a sense of what a LIVE broadcast means in terms of rules for content. And we’re pretty sure it’s going to involve playing around with live video feed. But it’s all very up in the air. Evan is showing me something this evening and we’re going to evolve, shape and grow it into something from there. See you in 6 days!