James Graham shares his early morning thought process...


I’m on a train so early that it’s dark outside. Got on it at 6.27am from Sheffield and I don’t have enough cash in my wallet to buy a breakfast bap from the nice East Midland Trains lady, so it’s just a coffee for me and I’m a bit sad about that.
I’ve dedicated this journey to working out how the hell I’m going to respond to the VOX POP stimulus. In order to research this I’ve had to pay East Midlands Trains £4.00 to get on their wifi and have made a mental note to put this in as expenses for my tax return and in so doing have just realised I won’t be doing that tax return until January 2013, and that makes me a bit sad I suppose, it seems so futuristic and far away and I have a real problem with time passing and getting old, and my God I’m realising that 6.42 in the morning on a train when it’s dark outside is probably not the best time to blog. Oh well.
The things that have struck me while researching the stimulus – City Trader speaks his mind – is ideas around him breaking a code by talking about this stuff; people think this stuff in the City but no one says it publicly, he’s broken some kind of trust, the first rule of fight club etc. Also, something about him being a ‘day trader’, not an institutional trader so essentially he’s not part of the club, he’s doing this on his own, by himself, at home. An outsider? Attention seeking? Desperate?
He has no privacy settings on his facebook profile so I’ve been on that, and thought about posting something on his wall but can’t think of anything funny or interesting.
Man or woman behind me typing SO LOUDLY on his or her laptop – is that the new ‘smacking your lips while you eat’ train faux pas? Listen, I’m typing and you can’t hear me can you, my fingers are gracing the keys so elegantly and quietly, yhy are you smashing your keyboard so thuggishly, as if you’re saying to the whole train LOOK AT ME I’M TYPING AT 6.51 IN THE MORNING THEREFORE I MUST BE IMPORTANT AND SUCCESSFUL, I’M TYPING DAMMIT.TYPING!
I’m going to write my piece tonight and tomorrow morning, I expect. But I don’t know what it will be like yet, what form it will take, what style, its length, who’ll be in it and why. Pressure for these things to be funny and biting and cynical I think. Maybe instead I’ll try something sincere. Heartfelt. Or just a knob gag. Dunno.


10 October 2011 // Time 7:45pm

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