Evan Placey battles illness...nobody said Vox Pop was gonna be easy...

I'm knackered. I feel like I've given birth to a small child that was only conceived the day before it was born. But with the relief of a script written, it's now the director's turn to get anxious and I can get some sleep. While post-labour I'm finding it tricky to make coherent sentences for a blog post...

Perhaps a recap?

After an enthusiastic start with my director Jack on Monday night, I found myself spending much of Tuesday staring out my window.

Wednesday was when the fingers started going and the typing started to happen. Wednesday was also the day that I came down with something. This put the typing to an abrupt stop and I went to bed at 5pm. Have you ever gone to bed at 5pm? It's amazing. People are still at work then, making important decisions, trading big money, and others like me are not at work, and are not making important decisions or money and are blissfully curled up in a duvet with cold lemsip on the bedside table.

So did this bout of illness bring inspiration?

No. But it did allow me to put off writing the rest of it for another day.

Thursday I awoke still feeling horrible (maybe it was a psychological condition brought on by the sudden end of the October summer) but fuelled with drugs and vitamins forced myself to get to work without leaving my bed – breaking my rule of never doing work in the bedroom.

It's amazing what a combination of vitamin B, vitamin C, paracetamol, and vegetarian-replacement of fish oil will produce in one's writing...

Well I can't really remember what it produced. But I guess we'll see on Monday.

So as the day wore on, I checked my email to find Jack had emailed the cast to say a full script would be with them by 10pm. I'm not sure if this was a time I'd said I'd be done or had agreed to in an ill stupor, but there's nothing to get a writer writing than a deadline. And at 9:56pm, I finished. And then I slept again.

Needless to say when I woke up, I felt much better. Nothing like the weight of a script of the chest to begin healing the pain.


10 October 2011 // Time 7:45pm

Soho Theatre // Dean Street // London // W1D 3NE // Closest Tube: Tottenham Ct Rd / Leicester Sq.

Tickets // Price TBC // 020 7478 0100, www.sohotheatre.com