Boddie Prince Charlie's Bad Boy Challenges - Day Two: Whiskey

It's the second day of my Bad Boy Scottish Challenges. And I had the really laborious, difficult task of whiskey tatting… Poor, poor me. 

Anyway, we tracked down a great shop called, wait for it, 'The Whiskey Shop'. For some reason we thought it might have just what we were looking for. 



And it did! 

I was able to try four top whiskeys, and out of proper kegs - yeah, KEGS! How cool is that? And I can tell you that each whiskey is named after where it's made. See - this blog is entertaining AND informative.

I started with the 18 year old whiskey (called 'Macallan'), which definitely had the nicest taste but also had a real kick afterwards - as seen here:






The second, which was the favourite of my glamorous assistant Lottie (no picture, sorry) was 'Ben Nevis' which had a distinctive soft, chocolate orange taste. Pretty tasty!

The third was a particularly fruity whiskey, 'Deanston', and the last (the name of which escapes me... which is nothing to do with the amount of alcohol consumed by that point, honest) was a smokey flavoured one. And I mean smokey - imagine putting some ash into a glass and you're half-way there. (Apparently drinking it last was a good idea as well as the flavour is so strong, to drink it first would have overpowered the others… See, more facts!) 

But they were all really tasty and I didn't really realise how different whiskeys could be! See, there's more to alcohol than getting drunk. Apparently. 




Big thanks to Chris Welch (pictured below) who helped us out and provided the tasters - a great guy who really knew his stuff! 



 Keep checking back to see what else I get up to across the week…


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