Rehearsals Update

So - the detailed page-by-page readings are complete, but we thought we'd fit in as much as we can before the week is out!

The team have blocked out a rough area in the rehearsal room to stand in for the stage within the initial scenes, and with the direction of Joe Murphy the Cast are acting through blocks of the script and naturally seeing what comes to them in terms of movement and performance...

This brings the script to life that litle bit more and allows us to begin visualising the performance much more strongly, and at quite an early stage which means we can play with what might work, what might not...

Oh yes. It may be Friday - but we're not resting on our laurels!

Check out an action shot of the team working below.

Young Pretender 006 

Young Pretender

Underbelly (Belly Button), Cowgate.

4-28 August


1 Hour