Initial Read-Throughs

So we're only 3 days into rehearsals now but nevertheless it's all well and truly underway!

The Cast and Crew are currently reading the script page-by-page and, with the guidance of director Joe Murphy, everyone's questioning each and every line to make sure no dramatic possibility goes unexplored.

The team got through around 18 pages yesterday. Whilst this may seem like a small amount to some (particularly those more used to Television and Film) such deep analysis helps open a treasure chest of possibilities and presents different directions in which the play might go, ensuring there's enough varied ideas so it can evolve and find somewhat of a new life with every performance...

Here's a pic of some of our team in the process!

Young Pretender 002 

Young Pretender

Underbelly (Belly Button), Cowgate.

4-28 August


1 Hour