Final Rehearsal...


That came quick.

So today was our final day of rehearsals before we head up to Edinburgh for the Festival and Preview shows. It’s been busy to say the least, but hopefully it will all be worth it! (Well, it better be...) It looks as though everything’s starting to fall into place. The music and lighting are being finalised, as are the props, making sure everything fits into the piece tonally. And the Actors have probably performed one of the strongest run-throughs we’ve ever had today – a great sign that we’re coming close to cracking this play at just the right time.

It’s been an amazing journey thus far and one that will continue into Scotland... With a play as layered and emotionally complex as this one, it’s impossible to just bottle up one kind of performance after a couple of weeks and repeat it for the whole run. We’ll continue to find this play and explore it across the whole month at Edinburgh, and we really hope you guys can come and help us on that journey...

See you in Edinburgh!


Young Pretender

Underbelly (Belly Button), Cowgate.

4-28 August


1 Hour