The story is chosen!

Despite the rain, our artists all gathered this afternoon at Watford Palace to decide what story they would be responding to this week.

After the mammoth task of trawling through the week's newspapers, a fantastic selection of stories were chosen for the vote.

Adding up the votes, the story was a clear winner and we are incredibly excited to announce that the article chosen for this week's Present : Tense is a comment by Laurie Penny:

Laurie Penny: "Jobless young people: good for a laugh, eh"

The article is taken from Thursday's Independent. You can read the full article here -

So, as our artists begin collaborating, writing, rehearsing...get booking for Sunday's performance via the Watford Palace Theatre website -

Our artists will be blogging throughout the week so stay tuned to see how the week progresses.


Don't forget to book your tickets (only 20 minutes from Euston!):

Sunday 19 June 2011 // 8:00pm
Watford Palace Theatre // 20 Clarendon Road // Watford // WD17 1JZ
Tickets // £10 /