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Written by Adam Taylor - writer for Present : Tense Watford

I love writing plays. I love it so much that I have in fact been known to take weeks, or even months, writing a single script… I know, it’s incredible. Especially when you consider that it’s perfectly possible to write a play in seven days.
According to nabokov.
I must admit, I was dubious at first. Surely if something normally takes several months and you just bash it out in a week, it simply won’t be very good. But then I closely scrutinised my usual writing process and considered what could be accomplished if I got rid of all the useless, time-wasting, prevaricating, procrastinating bits.
Like breaks.
Days off.
And sleep.
What did that leave me with?
The part where I stare at a blank Word document for what seems like days on end.
The part where I continually walk around the house to see if anything’s happening.
The part where I read old Punisher comics for inspiration (this never works).
The part where I seek out another human being (anyone will do) to discuss my utter lack of inspiration.
And finally, the part where I write a play.
Ok, so I didn’t quite cut out all the procrastination. I just condensed it. I procrastinated quickly, if that’s possible. And I was only ten minutes late for the first draft deadline agreed with director Beckie Mills. Under normal circumstances my first draft would be banished from sight for a couple of weeks before I’d even consider rewriting. In this instance, I took Tuesday night off.
And even then I felt like I should be doing something…
Thankfully Beckie did a fantastic job of assembling an army of talented actors to play parts that were still trapped inside my head. And she’s now doing an even better job at making sense of the script.
So, despite the fact I feel like I spent longer writing this blog than I spent writing the play, I think this might just work…

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