Present : Tense Watford - A Big Thank you!

Well...what a day!

Endless trips to Pret, rappers, potential strippers, evicting audience members, running to catch last was certainly a Present : Tense to remember! A fun-filled evening was had by all and we are so grateful to Watford Palace for hosting the event.

A HUGE thank you from nabokov to all those involved whether in the pieces or was great to have you be a part of it!

Here are the details of all those involved:

Laurie Penny: "Jobless young people: good for a laugh, eh" 


Written by                    Adam Taylor
Directed by                  Beckie Mills
Composer /                  Edward Lewis
Sound Designer                      
Brian                             Edmund Wiseman
Amy                             Sarah Hoare
Danny Flash                 Anthony Delaney
Lambrini / Lucy             Amelia Clay
Rachel / Jenny              Esther Shelmerdine
Joe / Richard                Mark Conway
Git Shot                        Philip Scott-Wallace


Written by                    Joel Horwood
Directed by                  Joe Murphy
Cast Includes                Ed Franklin
                                    Hannah James
                                    Gabby Best
                                    Cian Barry
                                    Alex Vlahos
                                    Jessica Dickens
                                    Sarah-Jane Scott
Piece presented with thanks to DryWrite


Written by                    Kenneth Emson
Directed by                  Stef O’Driscoll
Helen                            Leah Brotherhead
Daniel                           David Mumeni
Rupert                          Nico Lennon
Taylor                           Jane Slavin


Written by                    Mahlon Prince
Directed by                  Kirsty Patrick-Ward
Sound by                     Edward Lewis
Performed by               Mahlon Prince  

Stage Manager          Martha Mamo


Looking forward to doing it all again later on in the year!