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Blog from Director Beckie Mills:

A black box, dust, rubbish and a broom.

This can only mean one thing…

So, having started with a read through yesterday we’re now half way through the rehearsal process.

Time focuses the mind.

It makes you a bit more honest, and direct, perhaps.

Writer Adam Taylor’s been so sharp, so quick, and so dexterous at writing against the clock, turning my barrage of first impressions via text, via phone, via email into two drafts in two days.

And the actors are jumping in with both feet. This is such a team effort from composer Ed to producer Lucy, everyone involved seems happy to play with whatever I throw in.

This really is a chance to make a show while floating well out of your comfort zone, in a place that makes you afraid and excited, but somehow also pragmatic.

It’s funny to see what elements of my directing process remain the same, despite script preparation starting and ending on the train on the way to rehearsals, and meeting actors for the first time at the read through. We still play, talk, do, try out extremes and seek to hold on to the ideas that ‘land’.

How can we challenge the audience? Can we satirize and sympathize at once? Can we feel uncomfortable and laugh at that feeling? Can we end on a ‘downer’ and still pack a punch?

Let’s see on Sunday. Come on team!

Beckie Mills



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