Half Way Through!

Blog from writer/performer Mahlon Prince...

Funny thing really.
I’m all for it in theory, but in practice...
Its long.
And difficult. Really, really difficult.
I care about this subject deeply. If you don’t believe me, ask my friends. They have been witness to my rants.
The thing is, people aren’t turning up on Sunday to hear a rant. That’s what talk radio is for. The audience wants to be entertained. Usually I serve as writer/director on my productions. For this piece I am the writer performer. That means if my script fails to entertain I will witness that failure first hand. As it happens. In public.
So why do it?
Because it’s fun. Really, really fun.
And important. Theatre is one of the last places you can speak and people will listen even if there isn’t a huge budget to back you up. I think that’s something worth fighting for.
 I’ve just phoned Kirsty Patrick-Ward. Joe Murphy recommended her as a potential director for my piece and if she’s good enough for Joe, she’s good enough for me.
Of course she may want to see a script.
Slight problem with that...


Don't forget to book your tickets (only 20 minutes from Euston!):

Sunday 19 June 2011 // 7:45pm
Watford Palace Theatre // 20 Clarendon Road // Watford // WD17 1JZ
Tickets // £10 / http://bit.ly/mp45mK