Final Blog ahead of tonight's Present : Tense

So day one of rehearsals have been and gone and we now have 7 hours to get this show making sense.  I jest , we're half way there and the actors have dived in head first tackling Kenny Emsons faced paced
tricky yet genius piece of writing. There is so much room to do whatever I want with this one and it been
very exciting to work on it but it’s been hard to switch of the naturalistic button that flashes every time something starts to feel slightly strange.  ‘’TURN OFF GOD DAMN YOU!”

Already I have had a great time and can’t wait to get it up on the Watford Palace stage and make this play come alive but first coffee, dad, train.

See you all soon.


Don't forget to book your tickets (only 20 minutes from Euston!):

Sunday 19 June 2011 // 7:45pm
Watford Palace Theatre // 20 Clarendon Road // Watford // WD17 1JZ
Tickets // £10 /