Why the simplest technology allows collaboration of the most complex nature!

Sunday 3rd April. I’m Late. Bugger. – 26 seconds until i’m meant to be sat around a table in the new Bush building and i’m hopping, skipping & jumping off the tube at Shepherd’s Bush Market, rucksack on back. But never fear, a text message has flown its way to Lucy’s phone an hour before to let her know the underground has ground to a halt. Did I check the tfl on the internet? – nah.

With this is the basis of why technology has essentially allowed “Whale Song”, the piece we’re working on this week, come to life. And the basis of our short but sweet blog.

Anyway. Back to the action. Using text message, we knew I’d be (15 secs) late. Ignoring the internet, and i’m running like an Olympic steeple chase(r) to the Bush.

Thursday 7th. 4 days on and a mixture of text message, e-mail, voicemail, phone chat and debate in corridors, toilets, Gregg’s (oop product placement – lovely), foyers of any other theatres other than Southwark Playhouse and on trains (slow ones) -  we’ve got a piece. And what’s more, the contact time to rehearse has been taking place in another city – LEEDS!

All that needs to happen now is throw in a pianist and we’re flying.

And even then, via twitter i managed to pin down the right pianist at the last minute to come and play for us.

Simple technology. Not to be sniffed at. And essentially broken sweat into one of the most exciting creative processes for quite a while.

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Sunday 10 April 2011 // 8:00pm

Southwark Playhouse // Shipwright Yard (Corner Tooley St. & Bermondsey St.) // London // SE1 2TF

Tickets // £10 // 0844 847 1656 (24 hours) or www.southwarkplayhouse.co.uk