Hi all,

And so it's getting closer by the minute! Read below to see how another of our brilliant writers, Alice Birch, is getting along.

nabokov x


Oh Dear.

So, Sunday was three days ago. Which isn't ages. But when you've only got a week to put together an entire play with actors off script, it's decades of time. And in between other writing deadlines and production meetings, I have been sketching out my Nabakov play in about three different notebooks, and I'm now sat down, tea in hand, trying to piece it all together. I've started writing about four times. Which, again, isn't a problem when there's dreamily no deadline. But I've promised my lovely director Alice a draft tonight (in fact, I promised it by lunchtime, so am already, typically Late), so again, I need to make a decision, crack on and accept that I need to just make it Good. It's unlikely to be my Masterpiece, against which everything else I do will be judged.

Jamies Dream School is on and a girl is screaming about Alistair Campbell being a bit of a dickhead. Isn't Jamie Oliver a chef? Screaming girl is shouting about 100 words a minute and I'm pretty close to transcribing what she's saying, just so I have a script.

Telly off.

I'll be honest, I didn't vote for the news story we've got, which is probably a good thing as it's well outside my comfort zone. I'm veering pretty far away from the article itself, it felt a little depressing to be writing about women sacrificing their lives to be skinny. Particularly given that I've just eaten pizza and two ice lollies.

I've got my idea, I've got two ridiculously fantastic actors to write for, a brilliant director, the Southwark Playhouse in my head, Nabakov support at my fingertips and a vat of tea. Easypeasy.


Sunday 10 April 2011 // 8:00pm
Southwark Playhouse // Shipwright Yard (Corner Tooley St. & Bermondsey St.) // London // SE1 2TF
Tickets // £10 // 0844 847 1656 (24 hours) or