by Director Natasha Nixon:

I see newspapers scattered all over the table with a bottle of wine and a couple of beers. Well, I thought, this is a rather charming way to spend a Sunday evening.

After a pre-natter and introductions it was announced that we had just under an hour to riffle through the papers and pick our favourite stories. No time for a leisurely perusal then, this was serious!

The occasional splutter of laughter and rustling of papers and before I knew it, Joe and Lucy announced that time was up.  Without further ado we went round and presented our findings. These ranged from stories of Annie the elephant, freeze your eggs and have a baby at 50, the touching story of 300 Fukushima Samurai, What to do with Moussa Koussa, taxpayers money spent on inmates tuition fees and the US conspiracy behind Judge Judy speaking gobbledegook on TV. The list goes on but you see how wonderful and varied the stories are.

The vote was cast and the winner was 'A PERFECT BODY? WOMEN WOULD SWAP A YEAR OF LIFE.'

The next day, I find myself brimming with excitement. Marcelo has spent the day scribbling away and has come up with not one but two wonderful concepts to explore. In the meantime, I have been on and off the old ringer finding actors, rehearsal spaces and I am happy to say we are officially cast and raring to go!