As we go passed the halfway point...

Blog by one of our hugely talented writers, Zoe Cooper...

I saw Joe Murphy (artistic director of Nabokov) on Tuesday night across a crowded bar and I did seriously consider hiding in the toilets for the rest of the evening. It felt like bunking off from school and being caught by the headmaster in the local shopping centre pissed off your head on cider, and snogging someone inappropriate*. But I braved it, even if pretty much the first thing I said was ‘its done’ and then after the briefest of pauses in which I did try to restrain myself: ‘itsdoneitsdoneitsdoneitsprobablyshitbutitisDONE’.

There may also have been some wild gesticulating whilst shocked onlookers took a step back warily. 

So. I wasn’t lying. It was finished. IS finished. I’m not really much of a procrastinator, it tends to be straight away or not at all with me so it was finished by Tuesday lunch. I realise that that looks unbelievably smug but there are definitely downsides to doing things too quickly: 

1. People tend not to believe you. 

2. People tend to assume that it is going to be quite shit. 

3. You tend to start assuming that it is going to be quite shit. 

4. You wonder if you are a writer at all or just a very efficient civil servant in disguise as a writer. 

and of course...

5. There is very much the possibility that it is indeed quite shit.

Basically it leaves a whole lot of time for panicking. Which is the stage I would be at now, if it were not for my intelligent and very calming director and fantastic and very talented actor. Fortunately they are rehearsing in another city and so I am not there to um…offer my feelings on the subject. I expect they are quite relieved about that.

Sunday 10 April 2011 // 8:00pm

Southwark Playhouse // Shipwright Yard (Corner Tooley St. & Bermondsey St.) // London // SE1 2TF

Tickets // £10 // 0844 847 1656 (24 hours) or


*It should be emphasised that I was not actually, as it happens, snogging anyone... but you get the gist....