Snippy chop chop!

Dear bloggers. 

The nabokov team have been busy adorning pants with lots of pretty stars, yes that’s right, we have been stapling hundreds of slashes to hundreds of flyers in the underbelly today!


Twitter has been going wild about BUNNY, with the show being the 6th most tweeted about theatre show at the Edinburgh Fringe according to check out our tweets here

We have been getting some great tweets, such a four star rating via tweet from critic Ian Shuttleworth. Lyn Gardner also tweeted ‘Rosie Wyatt is fab’ after seeing the show this afternoon!

The nabaflat is happy to welcome back our very own sleepy Viking Joe Murphy – It just wasn’t the same without you Joe!

Its our Stage Manager’s (Natalie Walker) birthday tonight, so we will be out and about in the BROOKS bar - come down and help us celebrate! She will be the grand old age of 21 (eek we know!)

And here’s another image of today's joy to conclude...