Photos from the frontline...

Hello bloggers!

What a few days!  One show down, 23 left to go!  Rosie Wyatt put in a brilliant performance and we can’t wait to see how today goes!  

With over 2,000 shows at the Fringe getting the word out is essential – and here are a couple of photos from the marketing frontline:


(Actress Rosie Wyatt postering in a toilet)



(Footsoldier Lottie Vallis and Rosie Wyatt put in some bonding time during fliering)



    (Assistant Director Kirsty Patrick Ward Rosie pose outside our venue before heading in for the first    show)


If you are in Edinburgh today at 14:10 and fancy a show pop into the Underbelly and catch performance 2 of BUNNY by Jack Thorne!

And here are a few of our favourite Edinburgh quirks:

Designer Hannah Clark snaps two her two most interesting places:




Director Joe Murphy cannot figure out quite how this car got in there…



And in our favourite coffee shop we see the end is nigh for Starbucks…



Written by Jack Thorne

Directed by Joe Murphy

5 – 29 August 2010

Underbelly, Cowgate

£6 - £10

Book your tickets now by clicking here