nabokov on the road...

Dear bloggers!

The road to Edinburgh has begun!  But before we disappeared up north we first wanted to go on a journey somewhere closer to home…



Oh yes, the unofficial capitol of Britain was the target of an official nabokov road trip!  Our world premiere production of BUNNY by Jack Thorne is set in Luton and the town becomes another character as this remarkable coming-of-age tale unfolds.

So Joe Murphy (director of BUNNY) and his leading actress Rosie Wyatt set off and met the brilliant Jack Thorne in Luton – the town where he lives and works.

Luton is the nicest place I’ve ever lived and I think I’ll live here forever” states Thorne, “it’s also the place which birthed the English Defence League.  It’s a complicated, strange and glorious place.

In BUNNY 18-year-old Katie takes us through the streets of this enigmatic town on what starts as an adventure but soon becomes a dangerous white-knuckle ride.   nabokov followed in Katie’s footsteps, walking from where her story starts in Round Green, through Bury Park then up to Marsh Farm, via as many back-streets as possible, where Katie’s tale reaches its stunning climax.

It was a really important trip” says Joe Murphy, “Luton is such a palpable part of this play that it was vital for me and Rosie to walk the streets Katie walks.  Plus, what an opportunity to get to know such an active and eclectic place.

So thank you for having us Luton!


Here’s what you need to know about the show:


Written by Jack Thorne

Directed by Joe Murphy

5 – 29 August 2010

Underbelly, Cowgate

£6 - £10

See the thing about me is I don’t fit… but not in a bad way

Scorching heat. A fight.  A car-chase. A siege.

Feisty 18-year-old Katie is thrust on a white-knuckle ride through one extraordinary evening when her boyfriend is attacked on the street.  Amidst the baying for blood and the longing for love, Katie is forced to decide her future.


Following the success of our collaboration on the critically acclaimed play 2nd May 1997, nabokov once again join forces with Jack Thorne (Scouting Book for Boys, Cast Offs) in a world premiere from one of Britain's most outspoken and celebrated contemporary playwrights.

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