Lottie speaks!

Hello there bloggers..


It’s Lottie here, nabokov’s very own footsoldier ! The team have asked me to write a personal account of the Edinburgh experience so far and wowza has it been good..




Having been supplied by Escalator East to Edinburgh at random, I was slightly nervous to discover who I had been allocated to footsoldier. Would they like me ? Would I like them ? Was the show actually any good ? The prospect of meeting a company for whom I would have to maintain enthusiasm in promoting for the entire length of the Fringe was a little daunting, but visiting them during rehearsals in Watford displaced all doubt. After a complex initiation process involving the question ‘Are you an alcoholic?’ I felt part of the family and any apprehensions about the month ahead vanished straight away. 

Obviously it is a massive bonus to promote a show that you enjoy yourself, but after Rosie’s performance I was blown away. The plot was engrossing, the journey was easy to relate to.. and this was without the animation ! From opening night, the show has gone from strength to strength and I’ve had some great reactions whilst out and about - mainly due to the fact I’m advertising a pair of pink knickers - but others who have received recommendations and are big fans of Jack. I feel extremely privileged to be working with such a great bunch of talented people, and although it’s only been a week since arriving in Bonnie Scotland, I have already learnt so much from them. Basically they’re amazing, so if you’re about then come and see the show and if you fancy a chat, you’ll find me in the street somewhere.. Haa !


Love to all x



Written by Jack Thorne

Directed by Joe Murphy

5 – 29 August 2010

Underbelly, Cowgate

£6 - £10

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