Hello bloggers!

Team nabokov are in Edinburgh!


We met at the horrifically early hour of 6am at Kings Cross and headed up north.  After a 5 hour train journey, which consisted of one too many dodgy bacon sarnies from the on board café, we arrived in the Scottish capital!  Our flat is lovely and now we can’t wait to get the show going! We open on Thursday!!

Today’s blog entry comes from Kirsty Patrick Ward, the brilliant assistant director of BUNNY by Jack Thorne:

After four weeks of brilliant rehearsals in Watford (and a million chocolate biscuits), we are finally here in our lush flat in Edinburgh


(Joe Murphy and Rosie Wyatt) 

With tech tomorrow & our first night on Thursday we are all suitably excited! On the train Joe asked me to write a blog of my BUNNY experience, so here goes...

This is the first time I’ve worked with nabokov, but hopefully not the last. As soon as I read Jack's play I was desperate to get involved (frankly anything by him gets my vote). And at Rosie's first read thru I knew I was part of something very special. Assisting Joe on Bunny has been an incredible experience. I've learnt some great new rehearsal techniques and also observed his fresh approach to text work. It’s always great to observe another directors process, & Joe's is unique & has produced some brilliant stuff. It's been a real eye opener, full of discussion, exploration & some belly aching laughs!

Given BUNNY’s narrative we've shared lots of our own teenage experiences & reminded ourselves of the fun, insecurity & frantic pace of those mad years. Rosie's brilliant younger sister Molly has featured much in our discussions. With our first preview on Thursday and a great final week of rehearsals still fresh in my mind, I can't wait to share this gem of a show that Joe & Rosie have created with the awesome Edinburgh fringe audience!  

This is my first year at the festival & I couldn't be more excited & proud of the show that I've been lucky enough to be a part of.

Bring on the Edinburgh madness, BUNNY is ready for you!


Written by Jack Thorne

Directed by Joe Murphy

5 – 29 August 2010

Underbelly, Cowgate

£6 - £10

Book your tickets now by clicking here