Present : Tense / Fifteen


20 June 2010 Southwark Playhouse


The toughest creative challenge in town is back at Southwark Playhouse on Sunday 20 June.  nabokov are kicking off the Summer of 2010 with a sizzling night of collaborative theatre!

You know the drill - Present : Tense challenges the UK's top artistic talent to tackle the hottest topic of the moment in just seven days.  The line up is taking shape and here are the roasting hot writers on the bill so far:

** The fantastic, Olivier Award nominated writer Ben Ockrent

** Graduate of The Royal Court's Young Writer's Programme, Invitation Group and Supergroup - the thrilling Karis Halsall

** Marcelo Dos Santos - innovative writer of the superb Moshing Lying Down trilogy comes to rock Present : Tense

** Hot property young writer Titas Halder (Feeding Me - Paines Plough Later) has fearlessly picked up the gauntlet


The groups meet Sunday 13 June to select the most momentous story on the news agenda. They then have seven days to create a piece of work that responds to the story they choose before it is performed live exactly one week after they began.