Shout it from the rooftops! It's the nabokov Arts Club!


The nabokov Arts Club - Saturday 20 March 2010

Now then, you might want to sit down for this....


Hold onto your hats you lovers of all things good because the sexiest show in town is back, and what a smorgasbord of artistic delights it is too. Feast your peepers on this little lot:


6a00e54f81710d88330120a929aaf9970b-800wi  What? Jessica Hynes who wrote Spaced with Simon Pegg and has been nominated for BAFTAS and Oliviers and stuff like that? Damn straight, and it's being directed by nabokov's new Artistic Director Joe Murphy too.


6a00e54f81710d88330120a929abca970b-800wi  We saw rising star Ed in Edinburgh as part of The Comedy Zone and had to be peeled off the floor at the end of what was possibly the best 20 minute set we've ever seen. Ed has been a finalist in the Revels Student Comedy Awards (2007) and The Laughing Horse Big, Big, Big New Act Competition (2007). He is co writer and host of the Chortle sponsored ‘Peacock and Gamble Podcast’. This guy is going to be a huge star, so catch him live at The nabokov Arts Club before he's live at the Apollo.


6a00e54f81710d883301310f906ea0970c-800wi  Chris is a poet and comedian. He is a member of award-winning performance poetry collective, Aisle16 and a regular contributor to on-line literary journal McSweeneys and Mercy magazine. His poetry has been featured on BBC Radio London and


6a00e54f81710d883301310f906f54970c-800wi Isobel Cohen is an independent dance and theatre artist, based in Cambridge.

Currently Associate Artist at DanceEast (Ipswich), Isobel's work has been performed at The Edinburgh Fringe, Les Reperages/Danse a Lille, Latitude Festival, and nationally throughout the UK. 

''If there is a rising star of contemporary dance at the Fringe, it is Isobel Cohen … a genuinely exciting talent, a performance artist in the proper sense of the word who deserves to have Arts Council budgets thrown at her.‘' Scotland on Sunday

BELLERUCHE (live set)

6a00e54f81710d883301310f906fc6970c-800wi If you haven't heard the exquisitely crafted turntable soul that is Belleruche's calling card we're sort of jealous that you now get to hear it for the first time, but mostly slightly snooty and condescending because you should have, damn it. A curious and infectious mix of jazzy blues, soul and beats and the quite frankly delicious voice of Katherine De Boer - we just can't get enough, and nor can all the people who made their record the fastest selling in Tru Thought's history. Get stuck in here

SCUBAROOTS (live set)

6a00e54f81710d883301310f9070a6970c-800wi A 7-piece floor-shaking horn-laden feast of funk, ska, swing and even a bit of drum n bass - you might want to make sure you stretch out before getting your skank on. We can't wait, and you shouldn't either - get involved


6a00e54f81710d88330120a929b07c970b-800wi Shut up, no way.  Hell yes, they're taking time out from conquering the planet to give you a very special DJ set you lucky things. We know we spoil you, we just hope you deserve it (you do).

PLUS....A brand new art installation...Your bedroom from when you were 10....The Jacket Potato Man from Heaven

Ouch. That's so good it actually hurts - hot foot it and get your tickets now!

The nabokov Arts Club

Saturday 20 March 2010, 8pm - 2am (last entry 12am Midnight)

Village Underground, London

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