In The Face Of | 2010


7 March 2010 Hoxton Hall


Sherri Kronfeld in association with nabokov presents…


Three New York Writers Three London premieres One live band

One night only

Extreme, funny and dark examples of how we humans survive in the face of adversity from three of the hottest writers to cross the Atlantic -

In Adam Rapp’s SHOULD’VE NEVER, an underpaid editorial assistant’s trip to a bar toilet inadvertently leads to a new girlfriend and a knee surgery that he can’t afford; in Will Eno’s ENTER THE SPOKESWOMAN, GENTLY, a corporate airline spokesperson must deliver the worst news a family could possibly get with a sweet smile; in Eric Meyer’s audacious solo NOT WINEHOUSE, we meet Winehouse’s inner voice, in the form of an American man rapping Jay-Z…

The night pitches sharp satire and wild farce against scintillating musical styles, promising to be a fun and hopeful celebration of survival in tough times.