From slumber to standing ovation

We just came across this show report from the 2ND MAY 1997 tour. The notes - particularly no.6 - made us giggle, so we thought we'd share...

2nd May 1997
Show Report 34

Date: Tuesday 20/10/09 House No:78
Venue: Palace Theatre, Watford
Stage Manager (on the book): Nick Hayman
Duty Tech: Dan Frost

Up Down Time
Part 1 19.48 20.20 32 min
Part 2 20.22 20.50 28 min
Part 3 20.51 21.21 30 min

Total playing time: 1 hour 30 min
Total running time: 1 hour 33 min

Present- George Perrin, Anna Eveleigh, Caroline Dyott (Bush Theatre).
1. A latecomer was admitted by FOH staff during the opening sequence, despite FOH clearance having been given. CSM to liase with FOH staff to prevent this happening again.
2. There was a crash from the back row of the auditorium (DS side) towards the end of Part One – cause unknown.
3. A wrist-watch ‘hour’ beep was heard during Part Three.
4. One of the pillows fell halfway off the stage during Part Two – it remained there until the scene change into Part Three when it was cleared by Mr Samuel.
5. Technically a clean show.
6. A very attentive house, with the exception of one audience member, unfortunately seated in the front row, who slept through Part One, only to reawaken for Part Two and Three and give an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end - in front of a lighting boom. Two calls taken.
7. Following the performance there was a very well-attended post-show discussion, led by Mr Perrin and involving the majority of the acting company.