"A glimpse of magic"


Ok, so it was months and months ago now, but would you indulge us a little blog post about Latitude? It is, after all, cold and miserable and wintery, so a brief excursion into reminiscence about warmer, cider-drinking times is just what's needed.

Basically, we found some links we never got round to posting and - well - thought better late than never.

So here's lots of Whatsonstage coverage of Latitude including an interview with our stage manager Kirsten Turner.

Here's the Guardian review which describes Every Brilliant Thing - alongside nabokov friends and collaborators Tangled Feet and Rachel Rose Reid - as "a glimpse of magic".

And here's a Guardian blog which gives us a very nice namecheck, though we heartily disagree with much of the rest of it.

There's loads of photos of our Latitude shows on our Flickr stream and videos of festival shenanigans on YouTube.

Ah, summer. Why hast thou forsaken us? Bring on next year.