5630. Hot water bottles made by your mum


We've got lots of exciting plans for the wonderful Every Brilliant Thing next year. We're going to take our tent round some festivals, and perhaps find a more permanent home for the installation in a gallery. And there's a couple more cool ideas for it too that we're not allowed talk about yet. All of which reqire you to submit more brilliant things and spread the word.

Just to recap - Every Brilliant Thing is a list of everything that's brilliant. Designers Simon Daw and Paul Burgess have turned the list into a beautiful installation within which Sleeve Notes (Duncan Macmillan's monologue that inspired the project) is performed.

The list currently resides on Facebook here, where more than 1,200 people have submitted over 5,000 brilliant things.
Here's EBT mastermind Duncan Macmillan: "There's an average of 5 posts per member. So I thought, why don't we all try to post (at least) 5 more things each? That shouldn't take any time at all and would take us to 10,000. Don't worry about repetition (we're trying to keep on top of that ourselves), just list as many things as you can that are brilliant. If you can only think of one thing to add then that's great too."

Yes. What he said. Do more brilliant things. Go and add one now.

Here are some recent additions to the list:

5612 The colours and smell of autumn
5625 Spotify
5630 hot water bottles made by your mum
5640 My wife in her pants, and only her pants
When you're listening to music and something, like a chiming clock or streetlamps going past the window, seems to fall into rhythm with the beat of the song.

Oh, and there will soon be a new website at everybrilliantthing.com but we haven't finished making it yet. You'll be the first to know when we do.