Joe's 2ND MAY 1997 Rehearsal Diary

Here's the latest installment of Assistant Director Joe Murphy's rehearsal diary as the show opens for previews...

Hello again!  So we are now into previews for the 2nd May 1997 and what a week it has been.  Everyone has been working so hard and the results have been great!

Last week we made the big move from the rehearsal space into the theatre – always a scary time! However, thanks to the incredibly long hours the production team have put in we are now in the space and up and running. The set is nothing short of stunning, Hannah has created a very charged space which nestles itself around the action, creating a nuanced focus on the relationships between the characters.

Once again I fell prey to duck-out-of-water syndrome as I exchanged my movement leotard for the dirty jeans and t-shirt of the tech rehearsal. I even helped to make half of a prop! The prop was of course abandoned and never used but that is beside the point. I was tasked with creating a circular base from wood – however the word ‘circular’ is a strong word, the edge of my creation can only be described as ‘wobbly’.

The last week of rehearsals is always an exciting one, and ours was no exception. All of the fantastic exploratory work and improvisations the actors have been doing was drawn together and pulled into sharp focus to give the show a beautiful and rich texture. They know this play and their parts so well now that they have a freedom on stage which is a joy to watch.

Well that’s all from me for now. But please do come down to see the show: everyone has been working so hard and I really do believe it is a wonderful and touching piece of work!