2ND MAY 1997 trounces £5.2m Ben Hur

We enjoyed reading Sunday Express critic Mark Shenton's Stage blog this week. He watched BEN HUR the night after coming to see 2ND MAY 1997, and despite the reputed £5.2m cost of the arena spectacular, he much preferred our somehwat more frugal offering at The Bush.

Mark writes: "Of course the close-up intensity of a Bush-like experience - available to only 70 or 80 spectators a night - is never going to be the same as one built for an arena of over 11,500 or so; but at a mere fraction of the production cost and also ticket price (up to £115 for Ben Hur, up to £15 at the Bush), audiences at the Bush are getting a far more enriching experience on every level."

Thanks Mark, we're glad you enjoyed the show. And if the producers of BEN HUR are reading and want some quality return on investment in future, we reckon we could stage 104 shows on a similar scale to 2ND MAY 1997 with the loot they sunk into their current venture...

Incidentally, and we're not just saying this coz he was nice to us, you should follow @ShentonStage on Twitter for Mark's regular and always interesting theatre tweets.