nabokov's Camp Bestival Top 10


Still a little squiffy from last week's Latitude shenanigans, the IS EVERYONE OK? company was back in festival hats this weekend at Camp Bestival.

We played two shows - at midnight Friday and Saturday - at the Dingly Dell stage in the woods. The amazing Alex B performed every male role alongside Phoebe and Becky, and they absolutely smashed it.

With our days free and the sun shining for most of the time, we actually got to see some other stuff and eat nice food and do some dancing. Here's nabokov's Camp Bestival Top 10:

1. Busting some moves to Silent Disco in the early hours of Saturday
2. Sound Of Rum on the bandstand in the rain on Sunday
3. Tangled Feet's Home in the woods
4. The bacon rolls from the Farmer's market
5. Kate Tempest's peerless set in the Bookworm tent
6. Laura Marling's voice
7. PJ Harvey
8. Roots Manuva getting the crowd to call to the heavens for sunshine before 'Dreamy Days'
9. Tim Clare's amazing performance of his poem Down With The Kids on Friday night
10. Ahem, Will Young (well, we had to take a look didn't we and he was actually rather good. plus we got to watch from the side of the stage and feel all important looking out over the biggest crowd of the weekend. [Oh, please. Ed])

There's a few photos up now on Flickr, with more to follow and some video evidence when we get round to uploading it, which will be just after we get round to uploading the 40 odd videos from Latitude.

Thanks to everyone at Camp Bestival for having us, and to everyone who came to see us. We're now going to hide under our duvets for a while.