Latitude 2009


July 2009 Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk


We've premiered new work at Latitude every year since the first festival in 2006 from writers including Mike Bartlett, John Donnelly, Matt Hartley, Jack Thorne, Ché Walker and Alexandra Wood. This year we're proud to present two brand new ‘stand-up theatre’ plays commissioned specifically for Latitude and premiering in the Theatre Tent this weekend...


Two brand new plays about fighting, fucking and the fall of global capitalism from the sabre sharp pens of  Duncan Macmillan and Leo Richardson.

CRUNCH… by Duncan Macmillan / directed by George Perrin starring Tom Cullen, Clare Dunne and Nick Tennant “You see, when markets crash, when money sort of...there’s what they call a ‘depression.’ You know what depression means don’t you? Think of your uncle Pete. In his caravan.” A couple tries to explain the death of global Capitalism to their child, but the more they talk, the more they realise they don't understand a thing. Before long an angry mob is hurling bricks through their window and a net is suspended throughout the city to catch falling bankers. Amidst the fallout from bogus expenses claims and bank bailouts a worldwide revolution is taking place, stretching all the way to Disneyworld. WHEN CHERYL WAS BRASSIC… by Leo Richardson / directed by James Grieve starring Alice Haig, Jason Maza, Suzie McGrath and Rebecca Oldfield “And yeah, technically, I didn’t spend any money, but this weekend cost me more than that. My soul. My pride. My dignity. So you can walk right on outta here Dean, cos your love aint cost effective.” Without a tenner to her name, Cheryl is facing a weekend of tedium unless she can find some cost-effective fun. Fortunately, her mate has just the tonic. Under the tutelage of lucky-in-love lesbian Shaniqua, Cheryl attempts to seduce her disinterested boyfriend Dean with a Britney Spears dance routine, a bottle of champagne and some carefully applied Nutella. Can Cheryl beat the credit crunch and still retain her assets?