"Brutal, shocking and funny"


We found a very nice review of IS EVERYONE OK? on the One Suffolk website, following our sold out show at the Pulse Festival.

Reviewer Adrian Lynch thought "the quality of writing by Joel Horwood was exceptional" and "timing and delivery from all the performers was faultless." Which we're dead pleased about.

He then bestows Joel with perhaps his first favourable comparison to Will Self, in describing the show as "brutal, shocking and funny," and saying: "in the style of Will Self at his best, the narrative shines a light on the misery and loneliness of modern urban life".

"Nice to see a queue outside a small theatre venue," concludes Adrian. "A full house too. Easily the best thing I’ve seen during the PULSE festival." Yay!

We hope Adrian is now recovering from recurring visions of badger bludgeoning:

"I’m still stuck with the image of an acid crazed shipping clerk trying to stamp an badly injured badger to death while wearing flip-flops." Aren't we all.

You can read the full review here.

IS EVERYONE OK? next moves on to Latitude where it plays  one very special performance only in the Theatre Tent at 9pm on Thursday night. If you're heading to Henham Park, don't miss it.

From Latitude, it's straight back on the tour bus bound for The Sheep Music Festival in Wales where the show plays one performance only on Saturday.

Rock 'n' Roll.