Every Brilliant Thing Facebook group


Those of you who came to Arts Club 2 will remember the beautiful Every Brilliant Thing exhibition created by Paul Burgess and Simon Daw as a response to Duncan Macmillan's heartbreaking monologue Sleeve Notes.

We also featured the Tree Of Brilliant Things at The Innocent Village Fete last year, where Gugu Mbatha-Raw (currently Ophelia to Jude Law's Hamlet) read Sleeve Notes on stage while thousands of fete goers wrote brilliant things on luggage tags to add to the tree.

We've got lots of exciting plans for Every Brilliant Thing in the pipeline, so stay tuned for news of more outings for the exhibition, but meantime, we urge you to join the Every Brilliant Thing Facebook group and add your own brilliant things to the burgeoning list.

Duncan, Simon and Paul are aiming to collect 1 million brilliant things. They're a way off yet, but the group has already attracted more than 1,000 wall posts contributing almost 5,000 brilliant things. Your job is merely to add anything and everything you think is brilliant. Your brilliant things will then be added to the exhibition.

Here are a few examples from the first 100 brilliant things:

4. People falling over (but not hurting themselves)
13. Old people holding hands
23. People who can’t sing but either don’t know or don’t care
35. Waking up late with someone
64. Gorecki’s third symphony
74. Hugging
92. The smell of freshly cut grass
99. Igloos